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An Involved Community Is A Healthy Community


Shabbat Message from Howard Rieger, President, JNDC

Last week, at the invitation of the head librarian at the Northtown Branch of the Chicago Public Library on California near Devon, we showed our documentary,Driving West Rogers Park: Chicago’s Once and Future Jewish Community. In addition to positive feedback about the community initiatives documented in the video --  which many in the audience didn’t realizewehad helped to bring to fruition --  we heard, once again, the concern of neighborhood residents about  the condition of Touhy Avenue.

In August, at a screening of our video at a private residence, we heard similar interest expressed by area neighbors.

Look for this to become a priority for us in the new year.  We plan to convene a group of individuals interested in improving the appearance of Touhy to tackle this issue. 

At another screening at a private residence this past Wednesday, we heard from neighbors concerned about inadequate zoning enforcement in their immediate vicinity.  At their request we collected signatures to share with officials, in the hope that their actions will precipitate positive action aimed at the improvement of nearby streets.  As always, we will follow up on these requests.

An active and involved community is a healthy community.

And an active and involved community is the tool that we use to be an effective community organization.

Let us know where you would like to see us direct our energy.  And let us know if you are willing to join us in accomplishing the goals that will make West Rogers Park a stronger neighborhood. 

The more participation we can coalesce, the more we can accomplish.

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