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Step By Step, Additional Progress Is Being Made


Over the last few weeks, Alderman Silverstein announced that two new stores are coming to Lincoln Village -- T.J. Maxx and Five Under.After languishing for years, Lincoln Village was sold a year ago, and the new owners appear to be aggressively marketing it.This good news bodes well for the possibility of other stores filling more of the remaining vacancies.

This past week, the Alderman also shared good news about improvements at Decatur School, which Shalom Klein and I visited 2 ½ years ago after learning that Decatur was one of the top K-6 schools in the state.Housed in a building that was built decades ago as a K-2 starter school, efforts to better serve existing students and add grades 7 and 8 were stymied.It appears that the Decatur dream is now about to come true, with a plan to add an annex with a lunchroom/multi-purpose room, gymnasium, library, classrooms, and specialty spaces. The school will also receive a new playlot and parking lot.

Finally, the development of the natural area at Park 538 on Kedzie between Albion and Touhy is moving along on schedule.Unsightly woody and herbaceous weeds on the site were removed last fall, herbaceous weeds are being treated this summer, and an attractive new fence has been installed.This fall a native short grass and prairie mix will be seeded, and native wildflowers and deciduous shrubs will be planted.This will provide the conditions necessary to sustain pollinating birds and butterflies and will dramatically improve the ecological condition of the area, as well as beautify our surroundings.Audubon Great Lakeswill conduct Migratory Bird monitoring and thePeggy Notebaert Nature Museumwill conduct Butterfly Monitoring.

Step by step, real progress is being made in our neighborhood, adding to all of the other accomplishments over the last few years.

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