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Spreading The Word


One of the most successful businessmen I’ve known, the owner of over 50 franchise fast-food restaurants and a few bowling alleys, while simultaneously a real estate developer who back in the 1950s launched the first credit card, once said to me that the best advertising is positive word of mouth.

Coming from someone whose main investment was in a business that flooded the market every day with print and television ads, that really caught my attention.

Last Sunday at a screening of our new documentary, “Driving West Rogers Park:Chicago’s Once and Future Jewish Neighborhood,” over 250 people packed the social hall at Congregation KINS to see the film and to hear and have a chance to react to a panel discussion led by Dr. Steven Nasatir, President of JUF/Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago, and myself.From the reaction of the audience, I think it’s safe to say that most of those250 people left the program eager to spread the word about the impact an energized group of residents is making on West Rogers Park.

Following the screening, audience members submitted written questions.Steve and I responded to some.We’ll try to address the others in our weekly emails.

We have also had many inquiries from people interested in obtaining copies of the film.Right now we continue to be focused on group screenings, because that is the best way to use the film as a community-building instrument.Stay tuned for what we expect will be another event showcasing the film this summer.And if you have connections to organizations interested in sponsoring a screenings of the film, please let us know.

With a significant and growing contact list of individuals poised to speak up on behalf of our community priorities, togetherwe are able to get things done that others thought were impossible to achieve.

Just as we build our reach through each of you, our strong working relationship with the Jewish Federation and its WRP-based network of agencies that bring over $45 million annually into our community has been a game-changer.Beyond that, our day-to-day connection with Alderman Debra Silverstein has been indispensable.Working with the Alderman to bring our mutual priorities to the finish line has been truly productive and fulfilling.

Please do share this email with your families, friends and colleagues.Let them know that we are anxious to add their names to our mailing list so that we can amplify our community’s voice in the days ahead.

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