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Special Event on Future of West Rogers Park


A free community-wide screening of the new documentary“Driving West Rogers Park: Chicago’s Once and Future Jewish Neighborhood,”produced by JCCWRP volunteer and award-winning filmmaker Beverly Siegel, followed by a panel focusing on the future of the neighborhood, will take place at 9:30 a.m. Sunday, April 29 at Cong. KINS, 2800 W. North Shore.

After the screening of the 25-minute video, Dr. Steven Nasatir, president, Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation of Met. Chicago, and I, will participate in a panel discussion devoted to envisioning the future of the neighborhood, followed by Q & Awith the audience.

Please mark your calendars today for this landmark event.

The main objective of the program is to raise awareness of initiatives that have strengthened West Roger Park in recent years.Your participation is vital to our ability to advocate effectively for the needs of the Jewish community in West Rogers Park going forward.

You can also help by letting your friends, neighbors and contacts know about this program.Perhaps they can help us build bridges to diverse groups that would participate in advocacy campaigns to benefit the neighborhood.

And don’t forget to tell friends and family who lived in WRP decades ago -- they will delight in reflections and nostalgic images of the “the way it used to be.”Hopefully they will lend their voices to our advocacy efforts on behalf of “the old neighborhood.”Perhaps they will host showings of the documentary -- to savor memories of the past and interest others in our efforts.

JUF/Federation, a lead funder of the documentary and an ongoing supporter of JCCWRP as well a host of Jewish schools and community organizations that have anchored West Rogers Park for decades, is co-sponsor of the event with JCCWRP.

More information about the program will be shared in coming weeks.In the meantime, please RSVP ( to let us know if you are planning to attend and if you would be willing to help promote attendance or assist with registration or arrangements the day of the meeting.

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