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Looking forward to working with our newly elected State Senator


Like so many of you, we watched this past week’s primary election closely. For the last several months we have reached out to all candidates to educate them about the needs of our community, and we will continue to do so during the runup to the general election in November.

In the 8thState Senate District, the winner of the race was Ram Villivalam.Since the Democratic candidates for this seat were running unopposed on the Republican side, he is now the State senator-elect.

Ram is well-known to many in the community from the time he served as outreach director for Congressman Brad Schneider, and through his recent role as president of the Indo-American Democratic Organization. During the race, he reached out to us to become more familiar with the neighborhood, and asked us to arrange visits to some of our social service organizations, something we offered to do for all candidates. Since last Tuesday he has reached out to us again to discuss ways in which our economic development priorities that were highlighted at the candidate forum held in late February, might be facilitated by him once he assumes office.

We express our appreciation and best wishes to Senator Ira Silverstein, for his leadership roles in West Rogers Park and for his service to the people of our community for the last 20 years. His support for many legislative initiatives that benefited his constituents will stand as an ongoing reflection of his work on our behalf.

And we express our congratulations to senator-elect Villivalam. We look forward to a strong working relationship with him after he assumes office in January, 2019.

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