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We Have A Responsibility


It is a busy time of year as many of us prepare for Pesach either in or out of town, but as we all know, the primary elections are taking place on March 20 (Tuesday).  If you are eligible to vote, it is your responsibility to do so.  If you are not registered you should do so now and options are available until March 19th.  Voting is made easy, with early voting taking place throughout the Chicagoland area, including a site at Warren Park.

The election turnout for the 50th ward in the last primary election was just 36.38%. I know we can and must do better!

We have worked hard to improve our neighborhoods. but our advocacy comes with certain responsibilities, and voting is right up there at the top of the list of things we must do if we wish to preserve our democracy and the opportunities that it provides to us every day.

I have invited all candidates for office to our community to see the good work that we at JCCWRP have done with the support of our elected and appointed officials. Many of them have taken me up on the offer, and those visits have been a source of pride for me. I have introduced them to Jewish agencies throughout the geographical area of the office that they are seeking, so that if they are elected, they will understand the value of the work that we do, thus encouraging them to be a voice for ongoing support.

As a 501C3 tax exempt organization, JCCWRP is enjoined from supporting any individual candidate. On the other hand, it is our responsibility to show any and all of them the importance of what we do and why we do it.

Now it's your turn. Please get out and vote!

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