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The Power of Networking


This week Shalom Klein and I spent an afternoon meeting with two new potential organizational partners.  We also convened a conference call with some of our own JCCWRP volunteers.

Shalom and I find that having the chance to tell the story of what we do, why we do it, and what we have accomplished never gets old.  And those with whom we meet for the first time never fail to be impressed by our track record. 

Remembering back a few years, when all of our objectives were aspirational, makes highlighting our successes feel even more rewarding. 

But we can’t afford to stand still.

That’s why, when we engage in networking, once preliminaries are out of the way, we always launch a search for common ground and synergies that could promote mutual agendas.  Our meetings this week, with a business development organization that works to attract new businesses to Chicago and a large philanthropic foundation that supports projects to benefit the Jewish community, are already pointing the way to new and exciting opportunities for West Rogers Park that we look forward to sharing in the months ahead. 

In addition to these two networking meetings, we sought input from a JCCWRP committee tasked with making a recommendation to our board on a possible name change that will more clearly reflect our mission and priorities as a proactive Jewish-community advocacy organization.  This was a productive discussion with people who are committed to what we do, and the neighborhood will surely be the beneficiary of their commitment.

Let’s all keep our eyes open for new networking opportunities.  No one does that better than Shalom Klein, and that is one of many reasons why we have been successful.

And speaking of keeping the ball rolling, check out the image below showing progress on Park 538, “Thillens Park.”  Thanks to Alderman Silverstein for working with us to bring the dream of a Natural Area for WRP to reality. 

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