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Good News Twice and Moving Forward


We were happy to see that work has begun at Park 538 (Thillens Park), the natural area along Kedzie between the north end of the ballpark at Devon and Kedzie and Touhy.  As Ald. Debra Silverstein reported in her August 25 newsletter, this enhancement will dramatically improve the ecology and the aesthetics of our area.  We played a key role in developing the proposal for this park, which the Alderman took to the finish line earlier this year.
At the northeast corner of Devon and Whipple, the boarded-up former Dove Cleaners site soon will be razed.  There are no development plans currently; nevertheless, the elimination of this eyesore has been a neighborhood-betterment goal for us for years.  This is yet another important step forward for West Rogers Park.
Now, with the Devon Streetscape almost complete, it behooves all of us to get behind branding and marketing plans for the street that have been announced by the Alderman’s Office.  This plan will help to bring new business vitality into our midst.
It’s also time to focus on the blighted commercial property at the southwest corner of Devon and California stretching to Mozart.  Once the heart of the West Rogers Park commercial strip, it has the potential to again serve the community well.  With a big parking lot behind the building, it should be a magnet for development going forward.  We see this as a priority for the coming year.
Do you have a business idea that could enhance our community at that location?
Join us as we build on the momentum we’re gaining every day!

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