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What's In A Name? Re-imaging ‘JCCWRP'


When we relaunched JCCWRP four years ago, we faced an uphill climb in our attempt to overcome years of neglect that had negatively affected the public face of our neighborhood. 

Today we can take a step back and see that our accomplishments are adding up.  And our impact is about much more than West Rogers Park.

We are blessed that WRP is the longest-standing Jewish neighborhood in the history of Chicago.  But imagine, if you will, if it had been otherwise. 

As WRP goes, so goes our neighboring communities.

So, what’s in a name?  We don’t want our name to sell us short.  We don’t want our name to imply that we only focus on West Rogers Park.  Or, that as much as we value the presence of the Bernard Horwich Center in our midst, that we are a part of the JCC, which some mistakenly think because of our acronym, JCCWRP.

Our mission is neighborhood advocacy.  Our focus is on challenges that affect our community -- issues that individuals can’t redress on their own.  Our goal is to work collectively on issues of common interest -- regardless of which side of McCormick or Lincoln we live on --  always cognizant of the fact that without the core presence of  West Rogers Park, all of us would be greatly diminished.

I would welcome your thoughts on how to more accurately characterize the fuller mission of the Council going forward.  After all, names do matter.

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