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A Community Insurance Policy


We were all  transfixed this past week with the course of Hurricane Henry and the destruction it inflicted on Texas, Louisiana and beyond.  Now, everyone is keeping an eye on Hurricane Irma, which may soon make landfall on the east coast.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims and those in the path of the new storm. 

Residents threatened by a hurricane must do what they can to secure their property, seek shelter and/or follow evacuation instructions.  They then are left to hope and pray that whatever damage takes place will be covered by insurance...that is, if they purchased coverage. Unfortunately, many didn’t.

While there is certainly no comparison, for years, our community failed to protect and insure against a different kind of threat, the accumulating blight in our midst.  

JCCWRP has risen to meet that challenge by pushing back against decline and working tirelessly to make the the place that we live more desirable. 

No matter how beautiful our homes, synagogues, schools and agencies, all of this can still be put at risk if the public face of our community were to languish. By advocating for new parks, a new library, and new and improved businesses, we are working tirelessly to make sure that that doesn’t happen.

Without the volunteer and financial commitments of our board members and other individuals, and the funding that we receive from the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago, we wouldn’t exist. In the coming year we hope to increase that support, giving us the wherewithal to make an even greater difference in the days ahead.

JCCWRP is the collective insurance policy that individuals don’t provide for themselves.

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