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Another Big Step Forward For West Rogers Park


We have written many times about Park 538, the green belt stretching along Kedzie from just north of the ballfields at Devon all of the way to Touhy on the east side of the North Shore Channel.  Despite its three miles of trails it’s a safe bet that the overwhelming percentage of our neighbors don’t even know it exists.  Without signage and marked entry points, why should they?  

In the past we have had conversations with Alderman Debra Silverstein about the untapped potential of this site and she promised that she would look into the potential for further development.  Today she followed up on that commitment with a major announcement in her weekly newsletter (SEE BELOW) about the development of the Park 538 (Thillens Park) Natural Area.  

Our neighborhood is being improved virtually every day.  With the completion of the Devon Streetscape beautification plan, the soon to be dedicated new park at Devon & McCormick and the new North Town Branch of the Chicago Public Library set to open at the end of next year, we have witnessed unprecedented progress.

We all owe Alderman Silverstein an expression of gratitude for her leadership on our behalf. If you wish to let her know of your feelings about this latest step forward her email address is

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