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"I have a friend looking to move to West Rogers Park"


Emails from people seeking to move to West Rogers Park or know someone who does come in on a weekly basis via our JCCWRP website, social media pages and people that I have met with during my time as Executive Director.

We are fortunate to have a fantastic network of organizations locally that assist new members of the community. The Chicago Center for Torah and Chesed runs hospitality houses that serve as a tremendous resource when a family is coming to West Rogers Park and starts the process of looking for a home. The job resources of JVS Chicago and The ARK have assisted countless professionals while seeking employment. Professionals at The Associated Talmud Torahs work with every family in assuring that their child’s  unique academic needs are met in our community day-school system. And the list goes on and on.

When discussing the work of the Jewish Community Council of West Rogers Park, the term "facilitator" often is the first word that comes to mind. We have partnered with so many organizations that do such critical work for our growing community. And indeed, we are growing. These emails and inquiries come in frequently and we have helped many residents call West Rogers Park "home".

This past week, JCCWRP had our annual meeting and elected a new slate of our board-of-directors. Among the community leaders chosen to lead our organization, we now have several young professionals who make up the new home owners and individuals that will advocate on behalf of our neighborhood. We thank them for their leadership and look forward to working together!

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