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Caring For Those In Need


Last week I toured the Chicago Chesed Fund facility in Lincolnwood.  Just as with past visits to the ARK and the Sinai Medical Group Touhy Health Center, this was an eye-opening experience.
​I knew that the Chesed Fund was a non-profit organization that helps families in crisis throughout the greater Chicago Jewish community. What I didn’t know was that it has a 42,000-square-foot facility located on Ridgeway Avenue between Touhy and Lunt, a short street with light manufacturing and distribution facilities.  It’s a street that most of us would hope to never have a reason to drive down.
​Those who do have reason to drive down that street find an enormous building crammed with food, clothing, baby equipment, toys, furniture, tools, and appliances, as well as access to financial support and an array of services, all in an environment that maintains the privacy and dignity of those in need.
​The traditional definition of community is a group of people with a common characteristic or interest.  In the Jewish world we have a much broader view of community, seeking to reach out with a helping hand to our brothers and sisters wherever they live worldwide. And where and when we can, as is the case with food assistance at the Chesed Fund, we make our support available to non-Jews as well.
​As we at JCCWRP seek to strengthen our neighborhood, we are fortunate to be able to do so by building on the foundation already in place because of past and ongoing actions of others who cared.

​For further information about the Chesed Fund or to tour the facility and learn about how you can help, contact Shoshana Moskowitz at​

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