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Doing Much With Relatively Little


JCCWRP enjoys federal 501c(3) tax-exempt status because we promote the public good, combat deterioration, build bridges with other groups and organizations and in many ways lessen the burdens of government by helping the city to achieve its community objectives.  Thus, contributions to JCCWRP are tax-exempt.


Each year we file IRS form 990-EZ which attests to what we do, why we do it, our sources of income and our expenditures.


What our 990 won’t show, however, is how we are able to accomplish so much with so little.  The answer is the significant number of in-kind contributions that we receive in the form of services for which we otherwise would have to pay.


The Jewish Community Center, Council for Jewish Elderly, Jewish Child & Family Services, Mt.Sinai Touhy Health Center, and The ARK have hosted our board and other meetings without charge.  JCFS also provides us with free office space. JUF/Federation has made their long-time senior planning executive, Peter Friedman available to help us to coordinate our work with JUF agencies and the Federation as well as to share his expertise gained through years of experience as the federation’s top planner.


We also receive in-kind contributions from members of our board: David Lifsics, legal guidance; Sharyl Ross, accounting services including the filing of our 990;  and public relations and communications services from Beverly Siegel who is currently producing and directing a short documentary on the history of the Jewish community of West Rogers Park that will be used at the kick-off for the 40th anniversary celebration of the Chicago Jewish Historical Society this coming December.


In my decades of leading Jewish community organizations locally, nationally and globally, I can’t think of a better example of maximum “bang for the buck” than JCCWRP.  And by the way, all of those who make in-kind contributions also join with the rest of the JCCWRP board in making financial contributions to us as well.


Our executive director, Shalom Klein and I are grateful to our entire board for their ongoing guidance, advocacy and financial support, which allows JCCWRP to accomplish so much with so little!

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