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Celebrating ONE Year


It was one year ago that we announced the grand opening of the Magenta Sister Stores.  We dedicated hundreds of hours of work toward the recruitment of these two businesses which now occupy 3 1/2 previously empty storefronts on the southeast corner of Pratt and California, across the street from the newly constructed Agudah Israel Congregation, a block from Congregation KINS, and three streets from the new building of Khal Chasidim.  The proposed new location of the Veitzener Cheder on the site of the former ATT/ICJA building is one street away. To celebrate their first year in business, we encourage you to support Magenta by taking advantage of their anniversary sale.Please remember that all of our small businesses are mission critical to the fabric of the neighborhood.  Many of their products cannot be found elsewhere.

A sale flyer is attached and we encourage you to spread the word. A new Magenta website is coming soon too, so stay tuned!

We stand ready to assist other home-based businesses that may be ready to consider  a commercial location, which as in the case of Magenta can increase visibility and make their products more accessible to the community.

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