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In Search of Memories of West Rogers Park


Those of us who grew up on the northside of Chicago and are of a certain age...I am 74...have so many memories of the “good old days” of West Rogers Park.  Those of us who live in WRP today but didn’t grow up here have their own very different view of the neighborhood.
JCCWRP board member and documentary maker (and my wife)  Beverly Siegel is working on a short video, with the support of the Chicago Jewish Historical Society and the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago, about the history of West Rogers Park and its unique role in Chicago’s Jewish community today.  The documentary will be featured as part of a CJHS program about WRP that we’re presenting later in the year.   How to capture the past and present of an ever-changing WRP is her volunteer assignment.  To enable her to do that as effectively as possible is where you might come in.
Do you have home movies of the neighborhood from a bygone era?  Evocative  photos of Devon, Touhy, California?  Other memorabilia?  If so, please respond to this email to let us know.
WRP is the longest-standing Jewish neighborhood in the history of Chicago.  As such it has gone through dramatic transitions.  The story of how WRP has been able to recreate itself and not only survive but prosper is one worth telling.  It will also be an invaluable tool for raising awareness about JCCWRP’s mission to strengthen and preserve the community.

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