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UIC Presentation on Commercial Revitalization of West Rogers Park


As many of you know, JCCWRP is working with the urban planning department at UIC. 20 masters level students have visited West Rogers Park and met with many of our board members / stakeholders as they work toward their goal of providing guidance for us on commercial revitalization.

The students' final plan documents will aim to address these critical issues.  We hope to hear from community members regarding how well the students have assessed the most important factors that are preventing our corridors from performing better.  Here are some discussion points to help frame your feedback:
  1. Are you persuaded that the critical issue is important and truly affects the performance of the corridor?
  2. If this issue is suitably addressed, will the performance of the corridor improve?
  3. Does this strike you as a solvable problem?
  4. Are you persuaded that time and effort should be expended to solve this problem?
  5. Are there other significant issues that should be addressed in the final plan documents?
The next step is the final presentation from the students on April 12th at 2pm at the Bernard Horwich JCC (3003 W. Touhy Ave). It is important that we have participation from the neighborhood, so please let us ( know if you can attend. 

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