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Parking on Devon? Free!


free parkingShoppers who patronize Ted's Fresh Market, 2840 W. Devon, are welcome to park for free, across the street, at the Croatian Cultural Center.

Robert's Fish Market, 2916 W. Devon, has free parking for its customers, behind the store (or just call; they deliver).

Friends of Refugees of Eastern Europe (FREE), 2935 W. Devon, graciously extends free parking to community shoppers who patronize stores directly across the street: Itz You, Kol Tuv, and Tel Aviv Bakery, 2936 2944 W. Devon. (Or call Kol Tuv; they also deliver.)

Dunkin Donuts, 3132 W. Devon, famously provides free parking, but for its patrons only. Great Chicago Food & Beverage Co., 3149 W. Devon, boasts ample free parking for in-house diners and carryout customers, as well as for shoppers at City Fresh Market, 3201 W. Devon, which also has its own small parking lot to accommodate its customers.

No excuses! Buy Local.

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