Jewish Neighborhood Development Council of Chicago

A Neighborhood in Transition

Since 1890, when it emerged as a distinct locale, home to Irish, German and Scandinavian immigrants; to its heyday in the '50s and '60s as the epicenter of metropolitan Chicago's Jewish community; to its transformation in recent decades into a kaleidoscope of many cultures, West Rogers Park has perpetually re-invented itself.

Today West Rogers Park is home to newcomers from around the world who seek to establish a foothold in America. West Rogers Park is home to a flourishing Indian-Pakistani business district that draws ethnic-cuisine lovers and tourists from throughout the city and beyond. And West Rogers Park is home to the only full-fledged Jewish community in Chicago, heir to the mantle once held by Lawndale.

But unlike that storied Jewish community of Chicago's past, today's Jewish community in West Rogers Park is continuing to invest in its future.

The population is growing, pushing the limits of imagined borders, fueling expansion. Synagogues are pulsing with worship and communal activity.  New and remodeled homes, day schools, and adult Jewish-learning centers are multiplying exponentially.

Against waves of change over decades of uncertainty, today's Jewish community in West Rogers Park is teeming with vitality and renewal.

What We Do

JNDCC is committed to responding proactively and creatively to challenges and opportunities that impact the neighborhood.

We aim to build coalitions to advocate for neighborhood improvements.

We aim to turn back the tide on years of inertia and neglect that have resulted in vacant and shabby storefronts, outdated public facilities, and untended or under-developed public spaces.

We aim to promote and encourage development both responsive to the needs of Jewish families and attractive to the tastes of urban explorers, avid to patronize distinctive neighborhoods for niche shops, restaurants and cultural opportunities.

JNDCC is dedicated to strengthening and preserving Chicago's flagship Jewish community in a thriving multi-cultural neighborhood.

Our mission is to sustain a vibrant Jewish community in West Rogers Park for generations to come.

Among our goals:
  • To raise awareness of vital issues that impact the neighborhood
  • To build community as a creative, dynamic force for promoting collective interests
  • To provide a vehicle for advocacy and volunteerism
  • To support and encourage efforts to strengthen the neighborhood's multi-unit residential housing stock
  • To encourage the revitalization of all our commercial streets
  • To promote the rebirth of Devon Avenue between California and Kedzie as a unique urban destination serving Jews throughout the city and suburbs, with appeal to ethnic-enclave enthusiasts

JNDCC is working with shopkeepers and entrepreneurs, realtors and landlords, civic and diverse ethnic groups, artists, urban planners, elected officials, and many others who are committed to fueling positive urban transformation.

We hope you'll join in our effort.

Who We Are

Board of Directors

Howard Rieger, President
David Lifsics, President-Elect
Sharyl Ross, Vice President
Barbara Singal, Treasurer
Daniel Peikes, Secretary

Sarah Bernstein
Rabbi Tzvi Bider
Stan Gertz
Sidney Glenner
Rabbi Baruch Hertz
Lev Katz
Robert Matanky
Daniel Peikes
Eric Rothner
Beverly Siegel
Marc Swatez

Peter Friedman, JUF Liaison

Shalom Klein, Executive Director